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    All functions of the organization must align their efforts ont the strategy and the positionning of the company
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    Sales strategy must adapt to the clients and prospects new realities
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    By coodinating sales and marketing efforts you will be able to generate more profits for your organization.

Featuring this month

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Cogniox is now a certified training partner for L'ordre des ingénieurs du Québec 
Since last spring, more than forty engineers have completed the one-day training seminar: the efficient engineer. During this interactive session, participants acquire very important tools to improve their written communications, to conduct more efficient meetings and to better manage their time and priorities. 
We are currently developping new topics geared towards the needs of the engineers.
Contact us to obtain the course syllabus.

The importance of the marketing plan

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A sales team cannot be left by itself whatever the size of the company. Performing organizations must use tools to analyse their competitive environment to establish the best possible positionning to their targeted clients. This positionning allow to clearly define the comparative advantages that will appeal to the potential buyer.

Let us demonstrate the benefits of this process in a business selling context or B2B. When the team cannot deliver a comprehensive marketing message, what is left is price which, you will agree, is not a strategy. .

Temporary sales director

There are many reasons why you could benefit from a temporary sales manager. If you are a small organization, you do not necesseraly have the need for a full-time manager. However you would like to benefit from such an expertise from time to time.  or you wish to adjust your structure before hiring the right person. Finally, you have obtained a huge contract or you need to focus on an important project that will divert your attention from your sales. If this is your case, our program is well-adapted to your needs.

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We can assist you once a week or once a month depending on your needs. This presence can be especially beneficial to:

  • Create and present an important proposal to a large client
  • reflect on your business strategy for the coming years.
  • Correct performance or motivation issues

We can help you

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The challenge of many companies is to increase profitable sales.  An organized process combining the training of your team, coaching and consulting will accentuate the development of new sources of revenue.


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At Cogniox, we believe that a systematic approach is necessary to guarantee the growth and the sustainability of every organization big or small. We give great importance to the management of sales without forgetting the cost management side of the business.


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Mobilizing a sales team is easier when the tactics are already well defined. It is necessary to combine marketing strategies and sales tactics to obtain the best out of meeting with prospects.