ordinateurI meet regularly with people who make little use or no use at all of social networks to make their own publicity. Some do not believe in them; others do not dare.
In December 2010, Forbes magazine  quoted a survey from Information Week SMB which found out that 54% of the small and medium size businesses use social media to promote their company which is double the percentage of just a year before. 60% of these users believe that social media allowed them to have a positive impact on their organization and more than one out of three said they have attracted new customers by this mean. On the other side, 35% of those that are not using social media explain that they do not have enough time; 31% that their clients do not use them and 24% do not understand the technology..

You already know how important it is to maintain a network to promote your career or to favor your company growth. On line networking is unavoidable to:
1.    Retrace friends, ex-colleagues or acquaintances lost over the years.
2.    Insure that if someone would like to present you with an opportunity they will find you.
3.    Join business communities that share common interests.
The larger your network and the more you will increase business opportunities. I have real interactions with members of my network. I do not try to increase my network for the satisfaction of having as much contacts as possible.
If you need to choose just one social network, I recommend LinkedIn even if some of my business partners prefer Facebook. According to my research, half a million people are registered on LinkedIn in the Montreal metropolitan area. According to LinkedIn, the average annual salary of its members is 93,000$ and their average age is 45 years old.
Wishing that this blog convinced the most skeptical, I am looking forward to reading you soon on social networks.