• Diagnostic
  • Market study
    • Focus groups
    • In-depth interviews
    • Quantitative analysis
  • Positionning
  • Branding
    • message creation
  • Targeted prospection
    • Niche identification
    • Prospect list
  • Promotionnal material
    • Web site
    • Social media
    • Powerpoint presentation
    • Printed publicity
    • Public relations
    • Tradeshows
  • Knowledge transfer

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Various approaches

  • First-hand intervention
  • Coaching
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Individualized training

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Our knowledge in Finance help us not to loose sight that the primary objective of every company is profit. This is how we give great importance to the profitability of every client. We also believe that the return on investment is a key performance indicator.

You also benefit from our Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification. This approach in process improvement aim to maintain a high quality level for products and services and to reduce the material or temporal waste at its minimum.

With us, you get more than a sales and marketing experience.