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Your customers consider that your employees generally give a good customer service. But is it enough? Your fierce competitors probably deliver an exceptionnal customer service. What makes the difference? It is up to you to discover it during this session which will also allow yyour team to increase their ability to impress your client.





Duration : 6 hours
Educationnal approach : presentation, group exchange, individual exercises


Objectives :

  • Evaluate the spread between the actual customer service and the ideal one
  • Establish the best practices
  • Better manage the insatisfaction and the emotions of the customers
  • Create a follow-up system of communications with customers



  1. What is exceptionnal service ?
  2. The importance of teamwork
  3. Customer's expectations and seeked-out abilities
  4. Where discontent comes from and how to prevent it
  5. Anger and honest feedback: how to react to emotions?
    1. How to communicate bad news
    2. How to protect yourself
    3. How to take the most out of complaints
  6. Measuring the customer service performance

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