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We are missing time. we do not know where to begin. This workshop will allow you to find your points of reference and to master some tricks that will help you prioritize all the tasks that you need to accomplish every day.




Duration : 6 hours
Educationnal approach : Presentation, group discussion, individual exercise

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Objectives :
•   Reduce the stress created by tight schedule in the work environment
•   Find the time to accomkplish the most significative work for ourself and our team
•   Identify improvements opportunities in the work process


  1. What is your relation with time?
  2. Having goals and objectives in mind
  3. The awareness
  4. The priority: priorities
  5. Planning: doing the right things
  6. Agenda : acting when the time is right
  7. Adapting to change
  8. Efficient meetings
  9. Managing our communications
  10. Sharing tasks
  11. Procrastination and autodiscipline
  12. Sorting documents
  13. Depositphotos 5572929 mDelivering long term projects