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Assemble your team for a day and come out of this meeting with a draft for your strategic and action plan. This workshop will benefit those who are less familiar with type of exercise that will not scare them anymore.





Duration : 6 hours
Educationnal approach : presentation, group exchange, individual exercises


Objectives :

  • Recognize the mission, the vision and the values of the the company
  • Realize a diagnostic
  • Build a chart of strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and treats
  • Write a draft of your strategic plan with the suggested template
  • Identify the key performance indicators that monitors thee evolution of the strategic plan



  1. Vision, mission, values
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Strenghts and weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  4. Key performance indicators
  5. Innovation and creativity
  6. Writing exercise of a strategic plan et an action plan

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