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This training module aim the experimented salesperson and the managers that have work with clients for many years. You will learn how to move from tactic to strategy. You will also discover why branding helps you to defend your price. Finally we will teach you some advanced negotiation techniques.





Duration : 6 hours
Educationnal approach : presentation, group exchange, individual exercises

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Objectives :

  • Understand the differences between tactic and strategy
  • Identify the buying influence and adapt to the context and the personnalities
  • Establish your brand and communicate it better
  • Defend your price from the start et during the negotiation



  1. Strategic approach: Are you a strategic salesperson?
  2. Who are your clients?
    1. Adapting to roles and responsabilities
    2. recognize the different personnalities
  3. Knowing your competitors
  4. Communicate your brand
  5. Defend your price
  6. Advanced negotiating techniques
  7. Plan your strategyDepositphotos 23668777 mcomic femmegarnde bouche