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You have hired sales representatives with minimal experience or you have promoted employees who knows your products or services very well and have been exposed to customer service. Give them an opportunity to start on the right foot with this practical seminar.




Duration : 6 hours
Educationnal approach : presentation, group exchange, individual exercises


Objectives :

  • Learn and master the different stages of the sales cycle
  • Rapidly adopt a professional behavior
  • Know how to organize and plan wordays
  • Know negotiation basic techniques



  1. Qualities to succeed
  2. Sales cycle
    o    Prospecting
    o    Need analysis
    o    How to present
    o    Answering objections
    o    Conclusion
    o    Follow-up
  3. Purchasing cycle
  4. Good behaviors
  5. Work planning
  6. Basic negotiation techniques
  7. Motivation
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